Seven…. Yes, Seven. Next… Next… I think… Eight. What the heck? Read. Why is it all dark? Had there been a power cut off? Why is it so damn silent? Fuck! so cold. Where am I? Somethings not right. Nothings’ wrong. It’s just a damn dream.

Dark. Blackness wrapped every bits of the nothingness. Cold breaths parched my lungs. It was as if just my face and naught. I didn’t sense a cell. Staring at the dim red rays beaming through the dark.

‘One…’ Ah, damn you eyes. What the fuck happed to them? Try …Try. It’s just a fucking clock. Read the damn digits.

Colon. It’s a Colon. Read… Read… Read. Ah! bloody hell.

The red spots, bright yet gloomy, shaped in circles; barely readable. Six… nah, Five.

‘Why on earth could I not fucking read?’

‘It’s seventeen- fifty-eight.’

It definitely wasn’t my mind. What the hell happened?

‘Who was that?’


Hold the breath… Release slowly. Calm the mind. Everything’s fine I am just hallucinating; nothing’s to be worried. Calm.

‘God, Are you here? If you are. I really believe you should lighten your place a bit.’

I would rather believe, me being dead than anything in this situation.

‘Man, I am no God.’ Fuck, the same voice.

‘Okkkk… Satan?’

‘Hey you need to calm down. None of us are dead. And no, I am neither God nor Satan.’ ‘You can call me Asish.’

Thank God. Wait what, ‘Us’?

 ‘What the fuck do you mean by us? Where am I?’

‘It’s a bit complicated, then you think.’ ‘When this shit-hole would lighten up again and your spell wears out… suddenly you could feel the pain tickle through veins.’

‘As you lift your head rolling your eyes all over the place… more your eyes see, your soul leaves with each angle.’

Haunting words, echoed the cold darkness.

I am scared. Why is this happening to me? What on earth is happening? Shh! don’t cry. Get it together. It’s gonna be fine… no… no… no. Where am I? What the fuck is this? Nothings fine. Oh my God.

‘And then one day; you will…,’

‘Just Shut up. Shut up. I don’t want to know.’ I screamed, I couldn’t listen to his another word.


Halogens scintillated without warning. My eyes could never believe.

What if, I saw was real? What if, nothing is?

Infinite questions voiced through, mind couldn’t process the images perceived at every inch of the room. Horrifying yellow rays lit up the room full of dead human bodies hanging from the roof. Ilooked away, closed my eyes in an instant. This is lunacy… I am dreaming. It’s a dream. The moment flashed thousandth time while I gathered courage.

‘Ahhh,’ excruciating pain swept throughout the nerves, stretching the neck a few inches in the air. Fuck its painful. LeftKnee dyed in hemoglobin lacked its lower portion, arms flexed its red muscle fibers.


As my eyes laid on the tonsured body, nerves splitting out from abdomen, missing the other half, eyes barely being inside its space. My heart stopped to beat, breath became colder. I could barely believe the misery of the reality, I have experienced.


‘Good guess…’ How could he speak? How is he alive? ‘And your name is?’

What in the world is this happening? Why can’t I remember? Who am I?

‘I don’t know,’

‘Do you remember anything?’

Fuck!! I don’t know. Who am I? What don’t I remember? What is this happening?

‘Do you remember, Asish?’


‘How do you remember your name?’

‘I don’t. I just gave it to myself. I know only one thing- we are guinea pigs in this jail.’ ‘When you have been barely alive for five years; you get to know one or two things,’

Jail? Guinea pigs? Shut up… Shut up. I have to get out, wherever the fuck might I be.

Asish looked at me with his haunting eyeballs, ‘Let’s name you Amit. We can be best friends from now.’ His skinless smile quivered my soul. I wanted to run.

‘Let’s run…’ I believed every word I said. He smiled.

Have some courage… Be brave. Pushing the body to the edge, adjusting the force distribution on my lifeless arms. It was like in a rain-forest; dark waters covered if there was any floor. Pushed myself to fall.


‘Don’t hurt me, Please.’

His boots sullied in mud, swept forward against the opaque waters. Sludge drenched off those black leathered waders, splashing filth all over. The bulbs shone bright, his creased blue shirt… the tag ‘SECURITY’ above his right pocket, those white gloves, black drops dripping from those plastic palms.

‘Do you know? What is the most satisfying thing in life?’

His slow steps, daunted my soul, closer he came to me. His gloves bled onto the flooded floor. He smirked, tongue drenched in his saliva slipped through his jaws- wide open.

O, dear lord. What in the fucking hell is this? I pulled on my both hands, dragging the shitty dead leg- the only one I was left with, sticking my palms to the something. I would like to believe there’s nothing, underneath the filth.

Something’s on my finger. Gross! Yuck! Don’t pull it out. Don’t. Just shake it, there. Shhh…  Shut up. What am I thinking? A fucking dementor suited in a security costume. Someone help me. ‘Help! Help!’

The bitter cold water as if frosted my veins dead.

Acute irritation sluggishly ran across my stomach, my finger-nails as if softened like a cotton candy; neck still aches. I still could find my left leg.

I won’t lie, he did look like a dope killer though.

‘Help Me!’

I slapped, pushed the door. It barely slid an inch. That hellish darkness lurking in the other side. Lord! That shivered my soul. I reached my hand out into the unknown, wishing for an escape with every thought; pushed forcing my arms with every inch of power as far as it goes.

‘F*****k’ A sharp edge, piercing through my palm. Pulled back. It couldn’t ache much when you have an absence of fingernails, skin peeled off from above the wrist and not have a leg. The only thing you wish for that exact moment- a painless instant death.

I laid on my back, gave up all the hope, close my eyes as the waters drowned my ears. My hands could feel something. It’s rod. Please be a rod. Gripped with those shivering fingers beneath the waters. Hoping for the rod, my mind visualizing. As he dragged me down, scratching my skinless limbs. I screamed, with all the energy left in my soul, threw the rod right through his cerebellum. Blackened blood drained through the free end of the rod. It was weirdly satisfying: the blood draining, free air.

He stopped. Fell off.

Suddenly, there were thousand doors along the hallway. Slowly dragged my lifeless skeleton into the corridor with blinking lights. I closed my eyes; after a while the body slowly eased on to flooded floor.

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